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An angels embrace...

Is not always kind...

A D.N.Angel Yaoi And Yuri Fanfic Archive
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I welcome you all to this little haven to all the beautiful D.N.Angel Yaoi and Yuri fan fiction out there. Please feel free to browse around and read all that we have to offer. We adhere to all pairings from the casual to the strange and to the totally unexpected, all your needs shall be found here. This is a moderated membership community; you MUST fill out a join form if you wish us to accept you, read further down for more information on this subject. We shall set you all a challenge to which you must write a fan fiction or drabble based on the theme given, there will be one winner and three runners up, each shall receive your own little prize. I hope you enjoy your stay here ^_^


This is a Yaoi (MaleXMale) and Yuri (FemaleXFemale) community, if you don’t like either I suggest you leave

Don’t be rude or insult other authors, constructive criticism is what authors want so they know what to improve on not ‘U SUX!’ that’s not going to help anyone now is it?

Make sure all pictures and fan fictions are posted behind a cut and make sure there is a warning if any of them are explicit.

Don’t post quiz results

Do not delete posts/comments that aren't your own; especially mod posts/comments. This will result in banning.

Do not spam, pimp or post advertisements (unless given permission)

Most of all have fun!! ^_^

How To Join

If you wish to join, please fill out this form and post it +Here+ before you fill this form out be sure that you request to join the community first before posting it, thank you ^_^

Rules for joining:

You must have at least three samples of your work that are Yaoi or Yuri based
You must be literate at least
By joining you are agreeing to be an active member

Have you requested to join the community?:
Link 1:
Link 2:
Link 3:

For those who just wish to read and not write, please put this community on watch to read the entries ^_^


As said earlier each week you will be given a theme to write about, the winner shall receive a shiny banner of smexieness and the runners up shall also receive banners, the three runner up spots are:

The Most Interesting Fiction

The Most Romantic Fiction

The Funniest Fiction


None Yet

You /must/ fill in the form in the first comm post. You will not be accepted if you don't.
The fic examples don't have to be D.N Angel related.
And, if you don't fill in the form after 2 days, you will be given a reminder. And if you still fail to respond or fill in the form, I will reject your membership.