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02 February 2007 @ 09:55 am
Delay. Yet again. >>  

Alright the contest is oing to be extended for another week, since we don't have enough fics.
I know there is more than four people in this comm. >> Thats right, you can't hide from me. Also, Suki's computer has decided to die, so we should take a moment to mourn it. And also, my family has seen fit to yet again drag me off to the other side of the country for no reason. But I should have internet over there. Hopefully.

So anyway. The contest is extended untill uhum next Saturday. Not /this/ saturday, thats coming up in like two days. The next one. Just clearing that up because those things confuse people sometimes. >>;
So. Keep writing, and dammit I expect to see more than four fics when I get back.

Make me proud guys! :'D

~ Becca

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