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31 January 2007 @ 10:47 pm
Fic: Wishes, D.N.Angel, Krad/Satoshi  
Title: Wishes
Author: Yami no Kaiba
Fandom: D.N.Angel
Rating: PG
Pairing: Krad/Satoshi

Summary: He'd let him go, if only he could.
Disclaimers: I do not own the characters or the concepts of D.N.Angel. Yukiru Sugisaki owns them.
Note: For angels_embrace’s second contest.
Theme: New Years Resolutions


Krad knows, first hand, the type of energy a solid, cutting resolve could create. He literally lives and breathes based only on his resolve. If he didn't have his resolve to kill Dark... Well, he most likely wouldn't have lived for more than a few years after the split.

A strong resolve could take a being far past their original limits, as Krad knows. Every single Hikari host he has ever shared a mind and body with, each had their own resolves and resolutions.

But there was always one resolution each Hikari made, every New Year, that caused him the most problems, because it went directly against his own agenda.

And even though his Tamer this time around answered to another name, this boy was no different from his previous hosts in that regard...


"Ne, Hiwatari-kun, what's your New Year's Resolution?"

Satoshi quickly hid his surprise, as he was promptly pulled out of the world in his book. Glancing up, he noticed for the first time that Daisuke was leaning against his desk. "Nothing fairly profound, Niwa-kun. Merely a... tradition, of sorts."

The redhead blinked. "But still, what is it?"

"Mmm. Merely that I'll have the strength to stop *him* for another year," Satoshi replied with a shrug, trying to show that it was something entirely banal. It really wasn't, but it was his problem, not Niwa's. There was no need to upset the other over the entirely possible situation of Krad taking over Satoshi's body permanently.

Daisuke merely stared at him sympathetically. How absolutely appalling -- though somewhat nice, in a way he couldn't pinpoint -- having someone care for him. Uncomfortable with the situation, Satoshi shifted his book up closer to his face. "If that was all...?"

"Yeah, pretty much. See you tomorrow, Hiwatari-kun?"

"Of course, Niwa-kun."


Krad yearns, most times, knowing what this boy means to him, that he could grant every wish his Satoshi-sama ever has. He honestly loves the boy enough that he would let him go if he could, since Satoshi-sama desires it with all his heart, but... With the situation being what it is, doing so is impossible even for him.

So instead he decides that for now, he'll help his Tamer with making that traditional Resolution come true.

slave_of_yamislave_of_yami on February 5th, 2007 09:38 am (UTC)
Your work always amazes me with its great detail and cuteness ^___^ here have a cookie, a poison cookie! BWHAHAHAHA! naw Im joking, yew can have a cookie *hands yew one and scrambles off*